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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JingleRing?
JingleRing is the world’s most popular virtual visit with Santa or Mrs. Claus. You can select the Claus of your choice, at a price that’s best for you, and at a time that’s most convenient for your family. 
What's the difference between peak and premium rates?

Some Claus performers charge Peak and/or Premium rates for the busiest days & times. The best prices are available in Nov and early Dec and you’ll get the same experience no matter when you choose. Please check the Claus profile for specifics.

When can I make my JingleRing reservation?

Reservations open November 10th 2023.

Is JingleRing a Zoom video conference?
Yes! You will need the latest version of Zoom to connect with Santa from The North Pole. If you don’t have Zoom, please download it before your scheduled time with Claus. We strongly recommend making sure your version of Zoom is up to date. If not, you could waste valuable time with Claus waiting for Zoom to update
How much does it cost?

Compare us to the rest to see why we’re the best! Our business model is different which means you’ll pay less for the best professional Clauses on the Interweb. Prices start at $25 and are set by our Claus portrayal artists. Please check out our team of Santa’s Helpers to find the best Claus for your family.

Can I personalize my Santa experience?
Absolutely! When you book your session with Claus, you’ll be able to add notes with the children’s names, their ages, what they want for Christmas, and any other little tidbits of info that will make it magical.
Will I receive a video with Santa?

Yes! We will record you Zoom session and send you a link once your video is available. If you haven’t received your video within 48 hrs, please contact us at [email protected]

Can I invite guests to join my live JingleRing session?
Yes! Once you receive your Zoom link you can share it with whomever you like. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, and family friends love being part of the annual visit with Santa!
How long is a JingleRing visit?
This is just one of the ways JingleRing is different! You’ll get more time for the money than anywhere else. Each of our professional Clauses sets the length of their visit times. Most visits are from 6 to 10 minutes but some offer longer for large families or groups. 
Please be on time to make the most of your virtual visit! To fairly serve all of our customers, your Claus CANNOT stay on late just because you were late. 
What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You may cancel and receive a full refund with at least 7 days notice. If you cancel within 7 days of your appointment, no refunds are granted. Please email us to request a refund for cancellations that qualify for a refund.

I was a customer in previous years and can't find my video or pics, can you help?

Please email us at [email protected] to inquire about a video from previous years. 


Do you have a group buyer program?

Thanks for asking but unfortunately we do not. However, here’s a workaround. The group buyer can instruct their recipients to book their own virtual Santa visits and then reimburse them for whatever amount they choose. This process will prevent the group buyer from potentially buying sessions that never get used and it gives the recipients complete control to choose the best Claus for their family.

I am Talent (Santa's &/or Mrs. Claus helpers...) how can I work with JingleRing?

We appreciate your interest in JingleRing and are always looking for amazing talent. Please email [email protected] to inquire about joining.