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Doc Santa Claus- From $50

Santa Claus Virtual Visits Directly from the North Pole from an Authentic Santa! Master Toymaker, Expert Storyteller, Reindeer Whisperer, and Best Friends with Elves and Fairies Santa needs to know a lot about reindeer and getting around the world. Doc Santa Claus not only has a scientist background; he is an avid scholar of science, history, technology, reindeers, toys, elves, and of course, fairy dust magic. He loves to tell stories about his adventures throughout the world. Most of all, Santa Claus tries to model kindness.

With modern technological magic, children can virtually visit with Santa Claus at the North Pole to discuss Christmas wishes and tell stories. Cameras at the North Pole allow them to see what goes on with Santa Claus with each visit. And of course, Santa can check his Nice or Naughty list and let your child know whether they have been good this year or need to improve in helping others with kindness. Santa can also check on the amount of Christmas Spirit. But most importantly, they can talk, yes, talk directly with Santa at his headquarters in the North Pole to simply say hello! And you know that Santa Claus always loves to talk about all kinds of cookies, because he really loves to eat them.