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Santa Chuck- From $65

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! I’ve been a Santa portrayal artist for over 20 years. I have mainly focused on the non-profit sector, nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals and churches before being recruited for JingleRing in 2020. I take it VERY serious when I wear the red suit. I love spreading holiday cheer whenever I am able.

A portion of Santa Chuck’s bookings during the holiday season will be donated to charities that he and his wife support. The charities consist of local homeless shelters, food banks, no-kill shelters and their church’s justice ministry which provides a voice for battered women.

I offer storytime visits for my 12-15 minute and 18-20 minute long sessions.

My regular, weekend, and evening visits run through December 15th. My premium visits begin on the 16th and are the same rate for evenings and weekends.